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  1. Heater

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    I am now in to week 4 and getting to grips with everything, but finding the heater mode keeps changing. As its been a tad cold past week or so and using the heater directed on feet and screen, and every time I turn it back on it reverts to feet only. Is this normal and can I stop it? Just a slight irritant to a fantastic car, would prefer it was stuck on screen only.

    Yeah I find the heater and climate control system to be a let down. Its just not a well thought out, standard ...
  2. Norway - Denmark - Germany - Holland - Belgium - France - England - Yorkshire

    Currently in Oslo with deep snow (and still snowing) but leaving tonight on ferry to Denmark and then back to the UK in my Nissan Leaf.

    Currently my blog has me getting here via Holland and Germany, but I will update it on the way back.


    This is another link to the same thing, but has been playing up:-


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  3. Welcome to the Leaf Talk Forum

    This is a happy place to share your experience of the wonderful Nissan LEAF and other less popular EVs as well. It sails on through the internet like the a cruise liner whose crew have abandoned ship. If only we had a guitarist to take charge. No new passengers are able to join and as I say the crew have taken the lifeboats.
  4. Any thoughts on buying or leasing

    Hi all

    Looking at a two year old Leaf with 12000 miles and considering buying it. Also on this Nissan garage site is quite a bit about leasing, in one way or another.

    As a personal lease arrangement, does anyone have a view?

  5. 2 weeks in with the car

    Well, 2 weeks have passed already and one of the things I have noticed on my Leaf is that I just can't seem to help stompng my foot on the throttle all the time. The response and power are just great. I am sure it wont be too long before I get that out of my system.

    Unfortunately I have been working away the last week or so, but my missus has been using the car and is loving it almost as much as I am. We are not a high mileage house hold, but I can see that already we are making excuses ...
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