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    Re: Grabby Brakes / Difficulty coming to a smooth stop

    You had an experience similar to the grabby brakes issue but from a higher speed. In my case I had no assistance until stopped but it was a one-off for me.

    The rate of slowing down should be similar to the pressure applied... unless its the pads themselves.

    Interesting conundrum. Glad to see peeps getting their brakes sorted now though.

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    Re: Grabby Brakes / Difficulty coming to a smooth stop

    While it was covered by the warranty my 2013 Leaf Tekna has been in to the dealer five times for this problem and three of those times they fixed it. The first time they said that a software update had solved the problem and the other two times they said that lubricating some moving parts in the braking system had solved it. Nissan's Directors Office Customer Services Case Manager has provided various illogical and badly spelt excuses and this is typical:

    On the previous times that your vehicle has been into the dealership for this concern the dealership have not replaced any parts in relation to your breaks or completed anything other than cleaning the breaks each time.
    From my conversation with you this has changed the way the vehicle behaves for a short period of time.
    We have previously compared this vehicle to other like for like vehicles and have found that they also experience the same symptoms that you have experienced, after careful consideration we can determine that this is a characteristic of the vehicle and not a fault.
    I understand your concerns but in the past the dealership have completed the cleaning of the breaks as a gesture of goodwill however they cannot continue to do this whilst the vehicle is outside of warranty.

    So there it is. Anyone who has this problem of their car suddenly applying the brakes much more fiercely than expected when coming to a stop from low speed can console themselves with the assurance that this is a characteristic of the vehicle and not a fault. Let's hope that your passengers will also buy this excuse and stop criticising your bad driving while picking up their belongings from the floor.

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