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    What's the thinking on 30kw pricing in the next few weeks?

    Hello all! Long time no speak. Currently a little depressed driving around in my 2007 Laguna petrol. At least it isn't a diesel!!

    It's almost a year since my Leaf went. I'm still paying the mileage penalty every month (to keep RCI sweet), but that finishes in two months time and given that Nissan are saying the new leaf comes out in September I'm wondering what deals might be around on the existing Leaf at this time. I'm thinking they will be VERY keen to shift the old stock, and 30kwh models will allow me to get to work & back even in winter at no cost at all since my employer has chargers. I currently spend about 100 a month on 'commuting fuel'. The mileage penalty is 126 a month, so put the two together and I might have a 225 a month budget. Anyone got any idea what kind of deals might be a good choice at that kind of money? I do about 12k a year (although I did 18k miles year in my first Leaf which is why I had a whopping mileage penalty).

    Would really like to get back into an EV.

    Another option is a 2nd hand i3 Rex. They are still 17k though even at 3 years old.
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    Re: What's the thinking on 30kw pricing in the next few weeks?

    Have you looked at Fleetdrive? That's the company who arranged my Leaf in 2014 when I signed up to the My Electric Avenue project.

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